The face of the US Army has changed forever

The new face of the US Army

After earning the coveted black-and-gold Ranger tab in August 2015, US Army Capt. Kristen Griest, 26, will once again make history by becoming the first female infantry officer, the Army said.

Griest will become the first woman to lead an infantry unit into combat.
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Image of the Day: 30 April 2016


Maintaining the USS Independence.

I’m sure rust is kept at bay with numerous coats of paint. The anchor tells us the sheer size of this  floating city. 


Fat Albert pilot a first for Blue Angels

For some aviators, a sleek supersonic jet is what they want to drive, and others are hip to hover in a helicopter.

    Marine Capt. Katie Higgins has the hots for the Hercules.

    At this weekend’s Cherry Point Air Show, Higgins will be piloting Fat Albert, the famed C-130 of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels demonstration team.

    Higgins is also the first woman pilot in the history of the precision flying team
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April is known as the Month of the Military Child. In that same vein, Military Brats Day is observed on April 30th.

Military Brats become accustomed to changing circumstances, moving from base to base, both around the United States and internationally. Answering the often asked question “Where are you from,” isn’t always an easy task.
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Passing the Time in a War Zone

Baseball in Afghanistan

Nothin’ says “Merica” like Marines playin’ baseball in Afghanistan.
Thank you to the brave military men & women who serve & sacrifice. Not all heroes wear capes #NationalSuperheroDay

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Thank you!

Happy #NationalSuperheroDay to #Army #Airforce #Marines #NavySeals #Navy #NationalGuard #CoastGuards #Rangers

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Image of the Day: 29 April 2016

Life in a foxhole. There’s always room for a smile.

Step inside the cockpit of the US’s most iconic war planes

The National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, is a treasure trove of the greatest, most iconic aircraft in history, which you can tour at home, online, right now, for free. Read more

21 award-winning shots from military photographers

A US Marine Corps recruit shouts commands to his teammates during combat training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina, Dec. 3, 2015.The training pushed the recruits to their limits while testing their ability to solve problems and work together as a team.
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I was just  reviewing my visitor stats via  I linked to the international page and started to  read off the counties that have visited Maiden on the Midway (as of 29 December 2015 when a new count began due to user error)…well the list kept going, and going. It would seem that my little blog has been viewed in 142 different countries, including a few floating cities on the high seas!

A shout out to the Sailors and Marines on those ships.

Semper Fi

Fair wind and following seas 

And of course the rest of you; thank you for your loyal support for our veterans and  Maiden.

Anna ⚓

Screen shot


Four US Marines who fought in the Vietnam War showed up in Palm Coast, Florida on Saturday to take a picture. A picture that was 50 years in the making.

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5 Habits [We] Picked Up Overseas That Are Not Safe For Work

Leave these old routines on the battlefield where they belong.
War sucks. But as soldiers, [we] adapt. We develop habits that increase our chances of survival and make the suck just a little bit more bearable. Some of those habits are worth hanging on to as we transition into the civilian workforce. Others, not so much.

Here’s a list of five work habits we picked up overseas that definitely should not follow [us] back home. 
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Image of the Day: 25 April 2016

Bradley Fighting Vehicle firing TOW Missle

Image found @ US Army’s website

Watch “Rare Footage of Civil War Veterans Doing the Rebel Yell”

I mentioned this video to some followers on Google plus and there was a request to share it.
So here it is! Confederate Soldiers taking turns doing the Rebel Yell!

Image of the Day: 24 April 2016

American flag in the American heartland

Image found here