Image of the Day: 23 March 2016

US Navy

USS Iowa firing a full 9-gun 16-inch broadside.

Image courtesy of the US Navy


Watch “Famous “Daisy” Attack Ad from 1964 Presidential Election”


Daisy”, sometimes known as “Daisy Girl” or “Peace, Little Girl”, was a controversial political advertisement aired on television during the 1964 United States presidential election by incumbent president Lyndon B. Johnson’s campaign. Read more

8 Things You Should Know About the Bill of Rights

Why was the Bill of Rights tacked onto the Constitution just three years after its ratification in June 1788? Essentially, anti-Federalist delegates objected to the proposed draft, arguing that it provided a framework for a new centralized government but failed to safeguard individual liberties and states’ rights. They finally agreed to ratify the Constitution on the condition that Congress amend the document to include these protections.
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