American Special Forces captured a “significant” Islamic State group operative in northern Iraq as part of their new mission to increase pressure on the terrorist group. While the detainee has not been identified, it is said that he has been in custody for the last two or three weeks at a temporary holding facility the Iraqi city of Erbil.

Delta Force is holding the prisoner and will interrogate them for the next several weeks before turning the prisoner over to Iraqi or Kurdish authorities.,

Yes! These guys get the information they want out of this terrorist scum before sending the prisoner on his way, and that is how Delta Force operates.


, According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the operative was the first target to be captured by a 200-strong team led by elite Delta Force troops. U.S. Commandos have captured Islamic State group members in Iraq before; however this special operations team is the first major American combat force on the ground there since 2011.

It is believed that the Delta Force Special Operations team arrived in the area a few weeks ago and began establishing their intelligence networks to gather information on targets ahead of the raid that resulted in the capture. However, no information has been released thus far on when and how the operation took place.