Watch “5 Things You Don’t Know About: Rations”

They’ve come a long way.


Watch “Grenades Are Hard: People Versus Grenades!”

It must be awkward  for  newbies to throw a grenade; if not, these Soldiers need a lot more practice! 🇺🇸:)🇺🇸


Image of the Day: 1 March 2016

40 mm grenade launcher, .50 caliber machine gun, or 25 mm Bushmaster cannon (that last one is the favorite).


WORD OF the Day: 1 March 2016

Pop smoke
Pop smoke


pop smoke ‎(third-person singular simple present pops smoke, present participle popping smoke, simple past and past participle popped smoke)

(military slang) To call for air extract with a smoke grenade.
(slang, figuratively) To leave a place

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