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See if you can spot the armed camouflaged Marine watching you

Camouflage effectiveness



He’s so good that it’s almost impossible to spot him, even when he’s directly in front of the camera.

Effective camouflage can be the difference between life and death in a combat situation. And for US Marine Brent Downing, camouflage is also an art. An expert in camouflage techniques, Downing runs a YouTube segment called the “Camouflage Effectiveness Series” in which he documents techniques from militaries around the world.

Word of the Day: 27 February 2016


In military aviation, a sortie is a combat mission of an individual aircraft, starting when the aircraft takes off and ending on its return. For example, one mission involving six aircraft would tally six sorties.

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Image of the Day: 27 February 2016

Barret .50 Cal Muzzle Blast

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