Niagara Falls| Divers from the U.S coast guard took part this morning, in a delicate wreck recovery operation to bring to the surface a Nazi submarine discovered two weeks ago  at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

UPDATE: with the amount of traffic this post has seen, I felt that I needed to share the following chatter buzzing around this article. (I can neither confirm or deny the validity of the following claim. The same goes for this article for that matter). Now I must apologize. Fact checking usually doesn’t get past me but the excitement of this alleged find Trumped logical thinking. Check out the following link for yourself, if and when I can confirm either claim, I will update this post again. Thank you for visiting and again, my apologies. ~Anna

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Image of the Day: 19 February 2016

This is Private First Class Kyle Hockenberry.  On his side are the words “for those I love I will sacrifice”.   He lost both legs and his left arm from an IED blast in Afghan, in 2001.


Watch “Excalibur Shot For First Time By Gunners in Afghanistan”

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Watch “War & Human Nature: Crash Course World History 204 & 205”




UNSUNG HEROES: The Fallen Corpsman Who Took On A Special Mission To Save An Infant

In late June 2006, a routine insurgent patrol in Fallujah’s Anbar province turned into a different mission for Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher Walsh.

A hidden bomb went off during the sweep and Walsh, along with the rest of his platoon, set off to find the triggerman by going door to door in the nearest village.

From one of the houses, a woman emerged carrying an infant, alerting the Marines that she had a sick baby.
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