The American Fallen Warrior Memorial will be built in Kansas City, Kansas. Norman Schwartz of Plantation, Florida is the Memorial designer. The concept behind his design is very symbolic. The main concept of the memorial is based on the gold service star which represents the Fallen Warrior (History: Families display a service flag which is: red border with a field having a blue star in the center for each member of a family on active duty). This blue star changes to gold (with a blue edge) which represents a family member that died during service, without specifying cause of death.
The memorial is partially recessed to create a physical and emotional change in the visitor’s orientation. The Memorial will focus inward always keeping the visitor connected with the large flag, state flags and Fallen Warrior Plaques bearing the pictures of each Fallen Warrior. The Surrounding sounds are quieter and with the sound of water at the seating areas the state flags waving in the air are amplified to provide a serene atmosphere.
The large flag archway serves as both a landmark and a starting point of entry into the memorial. The structure stands 130’ feet tall and is adorned with the seals of each branch of the military.
The center of the memorial contains all 55 flags representing the states and territories of the US. These stand in the middle of a pentagon, which is the shape of the Department of Defense.
Seating areas are created in between the memorial walls to function both as a fountain and seats. The fountains are low in profile to let the visitor experience both the touch and sound of flowing water over stones.
The Secondary access to the memorial is created at the apex of each point of the star and leads to ramps, this provides the visitor different view and vistas to experience the memorial form.
The large circular path goes around the memorial and links all of the other access points created by the Donor and the “MyThankYouCoins” Wall. The wall will carry the names of all people, corporations, schools and organizations who contributed to the building of the memorial.
Two buildings will flank the archway on either side and will house the information center, auditorium and exhibit hall. The other will be the foundation administration, outreach and library center.
The AFWM is solar and wind powered and meets LEED specifications providing an eco friendly environment.

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