Retreat, hell! We’re not retreating, we’re just advancing in a different direction!

~Oliver P. Smith 

Close ranks at VPAC; help united Veterans rescue the United States!

I’ve been seeing this all over the internet for the past two weeks. I received this in my email today and took it as a sign to share. This information geared towards any and all United States active duty, veteran, men and women…

*NOTE: My sharing this here is by no means an endorsement either for or against any views expressed therein. My decision to post this was based strictly on passing along information. Thank you.

American veteran, may I have your attention please? It is time to close ranks! Past time! Domestic, as well as foreign, enemies have the deck stacked for this November’s General Election. There is no question that we, as veterans, have got a hell of a job ahead of us – unless we band together!

Hello: I’m U.S. Army LTG William G. “Jerry” Boykin (Ret.), and for the sake of our Constitutional Republic — as well as the plight of fellow Vets — I urge you to join me at the Veterans Patriot Action Conference (VPAC) Feb. 18-19 at Embassy Suites in Charleston, SC.

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WWII Flame-throwers

Though projected incendiary weapons such as Greek fire were used in naval engagements by ancient Byzantines and Chinese, the modern flamethrower made its debut in 1901, when Richard Fiedler submitted his “Flammenwerfer” design to the German Army. Read more


Watch this 40 second  YouTube video of a Marine marching a troop of ducks!

Image of the Day: 5 February 2016

I just love how calm everything looks in this gundamesque still. The Airmen preparing the car as if nothing was going on. One of the helicopter’s crew members looking out, business as usual, lah dee-lah dee-lah, just another day in the Marines. And that giant helo frozen in the air, so peaceful—even while it’s obvious that its thunder must be deafening. Poetry in flight, I tell you. [USAF Flickr]