During his 10-year stint as a Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle was in every major battle of the Iraq war and was so effective at killing Iraqis that they called him “The Devil Of Ramadi” while placing an $80,000 bounty on his head.

Kyle spoke to Gary Buiso at the New York Post about his new book “American Sniper” and offered a few details about what life was like for him as he racked up the kills, of which he claimed more than 200 (160 confirmed).

Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle

Kyle’s fellow SEAL Team 3 sailors called him “The Legend” and picked up the comic book character The Punisher as their platoon’s mascot.

His first kill was a woman about to throw a hand grenade at a group of Marines. His most distant kill was from 2,100 yards away outside Sadr City in 2008.

It was there he saw a man leveling a rocket launcher at an Army convoy and fired a single round from his .338 Lapua Magnum rifle with its Nightforce power scope.

From that distance, Kyle had to factor in terrain, wind, elevation, vibration from the shot, and even the Coriolis effect in which the rotation of the earth affects where the bullet arrives.

Chad Littlefield
Chad Littlefield was killed while helping his neighbor and friend Navy Seal American Sniper Chris Kyle attend to a 25 yr old Marine vet who had ptsd. Chad was 35 and was shot by this Marine at point blank range on Feb 2 2013. RIP Chad and please watch over us with your buddy Chris.

On that day each of these factors conspired together and Kyle hit the man before he attacked the convoy. “God blew that bullet and hit him,” he told the Post.

These days Kyle’s the president of Craft International, a veteran-owned company offering special-operations training. As with many service members, he left the military to preserve his marriage.

*This article was written one year before Chris’ un timely death. You can read more and see more photos here

Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle