Mycoplasma Bacteria, vaccinations, experimental immunizations/untested injections, radiation/chemical exposure–  What do these all have in common?  Exposure in military service, whether you were overseas or not, these factors are still going to affect us in some way or another, at some time or another.  Look through your military medical records for discrepancies with injections and other systemics.
This new generation of warfighters from 2001 to present, and the first Gulf War Veterans all need to be tested for these factors.  Our DNA needs to be checked along with the H-Pylori bacteria that lives in our digestive system for anomalies, just to start.
There are well over 50 different conditions and symptoms associated with the aforementioned factors… Something just ain’t right.

In November of 2005, about four days before Thanksgiving, I was sent to TMC-7 (Troop Medical Center) on Sand Hill on Fort Benning, GA, for a torn quadricep muscle.  I was given an injection– never told what it was, was told to “shut up and take this shot”, it never showed up in my medical records, and was told by Sgt. Jones (chief nurse of TMC-7) that if I got sick/worse, to go to the hospital on base the next day.  Scarily accurate what happened, the next day, i couldn’t get out of my bunk; I had a temperature of 104 degrees, was convulsing and vomiting.  I remember being carried to TMC-7 by my Senior Drill Sergeant, then arriving via ambulance to Martin Army Medical Center, and remember being put in an ice bath to cool me off, the rest of the time I was hallucinating and unconscious.  Thanksgiving Day I wake up to 9 Doctors (all rank of Major and higher) standing around my bed, with complete bewildering looks on their faces– they had no idea what happened.  I was released and sent back to my unit to finish OSUT (One Station Unit Training) Infantry School on Sand Hill.

After I suffered a traumatic injury to my left leg, I was discharged medically and sent back to Wisconsin.  Since then, I have had progressing, intense symptoms of nausea, vomiting, gastric distention (swelling) and distress with pain, headaches and overall body weakness.  I lost 35 pounds in 3 months after discharge, and am still fighting to get my health/weight back up.  All of the branches of the military have some serious explaining to do in regards to hundreds of thousands of Veterans/current warfighters who are becoming seriously sick with lifelong conditions, not to mention deaths, in reference to vaccinations, environmental and chemical exposures, experimental testing medically and industrially/manufactured weaponized systems that do cause permanent harm to humans (even if the CDC, DoD, and DHS state otherwise).

The fallout and half-life of the sheer amount of depleted Uranium used in expended munitions both stateside and overseas has created a Petri dish of congenital defects, and the aforementioned factors and symptoms.  Iraq and Afghanistan will be a toxic wasteland for thousands of years now.  Its in the sand, the air, the water, and now our DNA.

We who gave some, and those who gave all (and their families), deserve an explanation, and recovery/support restitution for being involuntarily exposed to various factors and substances that have changed our lives forever– and not only do we then suffer, but so does the friends and family around us.  Especially with the media involvement now, these issues are coming into much brighter light, and is prompting the VA healthcare system to scramble to figure out causes and solutions (if they’re doing everything right, with integrity and apt skills) to Gulf War Syndrome and other conditions directly stemmed from Military service.

R.E.D. Friday, bring them all home.  They’ve earned it.

– Derek “Rabbit” Jacobsen, the vigilant realist


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