This painting is a perspective homage called “All quiet on the rooftops (what a view)” This work was done by “Rabbit” Jacobsen, US Army Veteran, Infantry

I’m pleased to announce that MOTM will be joined  by Army veteran Derek ‘Rabbit’ Jacobsen. His service between 2005-2008 took him to the front lines of Afghanistan…

I met Rabbit 3 years ago via Google plus; during my infancy as an active supporter and one of my inspirations into the creation of this site. I view him not only a great American and warrior, but a dear friend. I look forward to his insight into the lives, struggles, (and triumphs) of today’s modern American veteran.

Here’s a glimpse into what Derek’s lifehas consisted of the past 10 years.

*The featured image is his depiction of his time in Afghanistan.

You can see more of Rabbit’s work at Speak Peace MKE 

Welcome aboard, Rabbit!

The following is an excerpt of his reply to my email accepting my invitation to join MOTM.

I’m hoping the time I put into the gofundme page will turn out so I can get to a better VA location and overall quality of life.  I’ve been finding some very interesting things lately, I will pass the information along about some people and events that have happened to them that you don’t usually hear about as well.

I also have .obj file blueprints for a house layout, with the primary building component being shipping containers.  Awesome things one can do with that, like build a private home/rehab center for injured Vets and Vets with conditions– unknown conditions from DoD programs– and cancer treatment; sun decks, music room, open land to find solace kind of thing.

Derek “Rabbit” Jacobsen
U.S. Army 2005-2008
AAS- Criminal Justice

ATTENTION VETS: I have a standing and open invitation to those of you may feel this platform is a good place to further your cause or share concerns, hopes, etc, please contact me via my about (Anna) page and we’ll discuss it further.

#Stop22ADay ⚓