#Trivia Tuesday

Graduates of the US Naval Academy, 1861

#TriviaTuesday: Where was the United States Naval Academy housed before moving to its current home in Annapolis in 1845?

Find the answer here later on today!
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A Brief History of Tailhook Design

USS Pennsylvania

[I] have been meaning to expand on my first discussion of the tailhook (HERE). The recent problems with the F-35C’s brought that topic up to first on the list. More on that after a brief history of the tailhook.
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Most Difficult Aerobatic Flight Maneuvers

Aerobatic maneuvers

Image of the Day: 12 August 2015


100 officers and 9000 enlisted men formed Marine emblem. #usmc

*I attempted to link to this image’s source and was taken here. There’s a caption on the bottom right corner of the picture.