About Face: Hear veteran’s stories about PTSD

About PTSD symptoms: “I felt like I was always under a sniper’s s scope.” Veteran Ron Whitcomb.

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Image of the Day: 1 August 2015

UK Soldier

UK Ministry of Defence

T-Hawk Remotely Piloted Air System in Afghanistan

A soldier watches as a Tarantula Hawk (T-Hawk) Micro Remote Piloted Air System (RPAS) hovers over the desert in Afghanistan.

The Tarantula-Hawk takes off vertically and hovers to get a clear view of the ground ahead of troops.

It is used by the British Army in Afghanistan, clearing routes without risking human life and checking for roadside bombs.

Talisman is the army unit using T-Hawk. It is a counter-IED task force and uses specialist equipment, including this drone, to clear routes for large convoys.

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