5 mind-blowing facts about the US military

US Marines

We are the Mighty

The uniforms are not provided by tax payer dollars. They are paid for by the troops themselves.

I am going to go over an estimated cost of what is shown by the Gunnery Sergeant in this picture. Mind you I am only showing you the parts visible in the picture, which themselves are only one of many Marine Corps regulation uniforms.
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In the face of sacrifice

Lest we forget

I’ve seen this story a number of times on several websites, this will be the first time I’ve shared it here.

I must share this story I read while having my morning coffee, about a Pilot and his crews dedication and honorable efforts to do the right thing for our fallen Brothers ad Sisters.
His name is Capt Ken Koenen and he writes;
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Image of the Day: 27 June 2015

The ultimate sacrifice

Lest we forget…