American howitzers shell German forces retreating near Carentan, France. July 11, 1944. Franklin. (Army)

Florida and The Civil War: A Short History


By Dr. R. Boyd Murphree

Florida’s role in the American Civil War spanned the entire conflict. From the earliest days of secession in January 1861, when war threatened to break out in Pensacola, to the final surrender of Confederate forces in Florida in May 1865, Floridians experienced all aspects of the war that the South faced as a whole: economic hardship, naval blockade, internal dissension, battle, and final defeat. The purpose of this guide is to identify and describe the Civil War collections and publications available to researchers at the State Archives of Florida and the Florida Collection of the State Library. The following short history provides an overview of the Civil War in Florida and the service of Floridians in the war outside of the state. Read more

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Green berets ride. America's Hero's in action!

Green berets ride. America’s Hero’s in action! God Bless Them!

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