Dance Party: Iraq

Add a smile to your Monday and watch (our) US Soldiers get down to the tune “Electric Avenue” while in country (Iraq).  I like to see our guys and gals having a good time; in a place that’s less than desirable.

Suicide in the Military

PTSD: What Military Families Need to Know (link below)

Suicide and the Military

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When someone commits suicide, it is a tragedy. When we are losing more soldiers to suicide than the Afghanistan war, it is an epidemic. In June of 2010, there were over 32 confirmed or suspected suicides among soldiers. Studies confirm that individuals in the military are at higher risk than the general population due to the conditions in which they are exposed. Wartime pressures are at a high, and soldiers are coming back from combat showing signs of psychiatric illnesses and addictions. These risk factors provide a cocktail conducive to thoughts of suicide. It is time to take a closer look at them.

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Image of the Day: 1 June 2015


October 31, 2006: Marine Sgt. Jesse E. Leach drags a comrade shot by a sniper while patrolling in Garma.
João Silva/The New York Times