A dog’s love can cure anything — including PTSD



Phil Ruddock had trouble adjusting when he returned home to rural Louisiana, disabled by a traumatic brain injury he received during an Air Force tour of duty during Desert Storm. He had all the classic symptoms of PTSD: “I drank all the time, I couldn’t get along with anyone, I kept checking every room in the house to make sure it was clear every time I came home, I got up and checked the locks on the doors and windows too many times to count, I was always depressed and pissed at the world, and I never slept. I drove my family so crazy that they wanted to leave,” he says with a country twang. “I still do some of those things,” he adds, “but it’s getting better.”
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Story Corps: The Nature of War

Here’s a touching story about a Soldier and the children he met in Iraq.

Image of the Day: 28 May 2015

New York City, c. 1918


Armistice Day, Wall Street, Manhattan c. 1918 (via Germany Surrenders: 1918 | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)

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