Photo: US Army

OK, here’s a fairly “happy” story about an unlikely hero; one who’s fairly new to the front line of heroism. The female Soldier.

In 2011, Army Sgt. Julia Bringloe was an air ambulance medic in Afghanistan tasked with supporting Operation Hammer Down. After another air ambulance team was grounded by damage from small arms fire, Bringloe broke her leg protecting a patient. Knowing she and her team were now the only medics pulling injured from the valley, she pushed on through another two days and rescued another dozen patients despite fierce enemy fire targeting the ambulance and herself at most stops.

See her full story, including how she and both her pilots earned Distinguished Flying Crosses, at Task and Purpose.

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4 thoughts on “This Army medic saved 14 lives with a broken leg while under fire

  1. Amazing stories of heroism and honor with extraordinary people. Hope for humanity lies in the acts of people like this.


  2. Some people are amazing and then there are others that past that adjective and become stellar. This was a stellar person. Under the gun and yet collected in thoughts. Amazing plus.


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