This Army medic saved 14 lives with a broken leg while under fire

Photo: US Army

OK, here’s a fairly “happy” story about an unlikely hero; one who’s fairly new to the front line of heroism. The female Soldier.
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Watch This Iraq War Veteran’s Tragic Story Told Through The Lens Of A Cartoon

In 2005, Lance Corporal Travis Williams and his squad went on a rescue mission that would change his life forever. Of his 12-man crew, he was the only to come back alive.

*I know this story (and others) is a sad one, but war is sad. We all know It’s not about medals and happy ending stories of heroism, it’s messy and ugly and there’s nothing nice about it. But…
This veterans story is  a story of heroism–in its rawest form. All of the men we’re heroes that day. 12 of them gave the ultimate sacrifice, while one carried on and now, shares their story.
If our warriors are willing to tell us ANYTHING, we really should  listen, sad or otherwise, just listen.
Read a brief account then Watch the (cartoon) video of the accounts that changed a soldier’s life.

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This WWII vet says killing his enemy was the saddest memory of his life

Understanding the mental cost of taking someone’s life can be nearly impossible for those people who have never experienced it. In this StoryCorps video, Joseph Robertson, an infantryman who served during the Battle of the Bulge, tries to explain to his son-in-law the guilt he has carried since he killed a German soldier approaching his position.

StoryCorps, which works nationwide to collect oral history, has a veteran specific program, Military Voices Initiative, where veterans and service members can tell their stories.

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Image of the Day: 27 May 2015

USMC band preformed America the Beautiful aboard the USS MIDWAY museum on Monday, in observance of Memorial Day.

The US Marines participate in a ceremony that honor our fallen heroes. This is one of many that took place across the country over the weekend