The largest Aircraft in the US military The C-5 Galaxy, documentary

Check out this video featuring our (U.S)  largest Aircraft. It’s amazing this gets off the ground.

Shedding a light on the psyche of war: Zippo lighters from U.S. troops fighting in Vietnam give a unique insight into life under fire

Constant companion: The Zippo was adopted by the U.S. military in World War II, but became a must-have item in Vietnam

Vintage Vietnam Zippo Lighter Collection – sold at auction for more than 32K

While Zippos had been a valuable companion to U.S. servicemen since World War II, it became popular in the notorious and long-running Vietnam conflict to have the lighters engraved with personal messages – sometimes for loved ones they left behind, and sometimes for the individual who might find their body.
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Image of the Day: 26 May 2015

US Army, National Guard

These soldiers look like they’re marching; they’re acknowledging someone, that’s for sure.