U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Richard Cravens and U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Honor Guardsmen raise the colors to half staff and render honors as the national anthem is played at the “Missing Man Memorial” at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam during a Patriots Day ceremony to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Flight 93. Sept. 11, 2012. (DoD photo by Tech. Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth)



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‘The Fighting Season’ nails the gritty realities of the Afghan War



“The Fighting Season,” is a six-part documentary from actor and veteran supporter Ricky Schroder and DirecTV. But it’s not just another war documentary.

The series culls out many of the hard-to-explain details of deployment in Afghanistan — the frustrations and setbacks and small victories. And in so doing, it gets it right.

“The Fighting Season” drops the viewer into the war without injecting any pretense or agendas. The film captures the nuance of asymmetric war, how soldiers suss out the difference between friendly locals and insurgents. It shows how the bad guys build an ambush against a backdrop of relative calm. Read more

The Invisible War On The Brain

Marine Cpl. Chris McNair (Ret.), Afghanistan 2011-12. (Photo by © Lynn Johnson/National Geographic)

The cover story of National Geographic magazine’s February issue, “The Invisible War on the Brain,” takes a close look at a signature injury of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars—traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) caused by the shock waves from explosions. TBIs have left hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans with life-altering and sometimes debilitating conditions, the treatment of which can be extremely complicated. At Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, soldiers paint masks that help them cope with their daily struggles and help them reveal their inner feelings. We invite you to see the service members’ masks and read the full story here.

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Image of the Day: 19 May 2015

US Navy SEALs in Vietnam

US Navy SEALs in Vietnam