Florida or bust!

“Opportunity knocks but once.”

We’ve all heard some variation of this proverb throughout our lives and until recently I thought I had missed the call. Come to find out, my opportunity came a little over a month ago when I was offered a chance to move to North Florida, complete with room and board, job and–more importantly–all the military and historical sites I’ll have access to. I think I’m more excited about that then anything else. ☺

So if you’ve noticed my absence, this is why. Our ETD is the first week of June, we’ll be traveling by way of our countries interstate. We’re going Coast to Coast (well coast to Gulf) and I plan on sharing parts of my journey here, I’ll update you as the time nears.
I’m looking forward to the adventure that lies ahead, and all the great things I’ll be able to share with the blog. Thank you all for your dedication to my little blog here. You all are what make this all worth wild.
Thanks again. ~Anna