dOn’T LooK uP. ThE sKy iS faLLiNg

Washington Square Park, the towers smoldering in the background. New York city 9/11/01. Lord help us all.

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I found this image a couple of weeks ago on It can be found originally here.
Ever since I’ve had it, I’ve been fighting the overwhelming feeling to share it.
I have to give in and post it. I’ll also share what drew me to an image of a day we’d all love to forget, but never will.

What struck me about this picture is the people in the park. What were they doing? What were they thinking?  Are they even aware that–life as Americans knew it–was over?

Or, perhaps they were oblivious to the chaos blanketing our COUNTRY as they went about their business.

Perhaps, before they looked up…
they were blessed with a few precious moments more of the era we lost this day…
September 11, 2001




Dividing Line

Take a Stand

Fire and ash, blood and bone 
In a fight true colors shone 
Break the darkness and the night 
Show them the light can fight 
Stand your ground, stand up strong 
Separate right from wrong 
Beaten, bent but we won’t break 
Beat us down, our faith won’t shake 
Bruises and blood, smiles and cheers 
Weakened but triumph nears 
Shine in the dark, shine bright 
Let them fear our shining light

by Aric Beers


America is about freedom. We believe in strong families, patriotism, God, and justice. We won’t bother you if you don’t bother us . . . well, that’s the way it should be.

The purpose of this painting is to show the strength and honor of the American woman. You could consider her a female soldier or the Mama bear that you don’t want to mess with. Either way, she is not afraid to face the opposition that wants to infringe upon her God given rights.

In today’s society the rights of an individual have been reduced to what many people perceive as necessary. The Federal Government continues to encroach upon individual liberties, as the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution are under attack.

Here, the woman holds a SIG 556 Firearm as her weapon of choice. Her finger remains in the safety position, and she is well trained. Had this been Joan of Arc she would have been holding a sword with just as much fervor and determination. The American woman will never give up or back down and when she is threatened she will—Take a Stand!.


This top-secret operation was the World War II version of ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’

Photo: British Royal Navy Lt. L. Pelman

In ‘Weekend At Bernie’s,’ a corpse becomes the life of the party. But, in World War II, a corpse saved the lives of thousands of American and Allied soldiers.
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This Was The Secret War Off The US Coast During World War II

U-576 wrought havoc on the waters of North Carolina’s Outer Banks in 1942. The area became known in U.S. Navy circles as “Torpedo Junction,” but the attacks were kept secret from the American public to prevent panic. (Photo: N.C. History archives)

We are the Mighty

At a little after two o’clock in the morning on Monday, January 19, 1942, an earthquake-like rumble tossed fifteen-year-old Gibb Gray from his bed. Furniture shook, glass and knickknacks rattled, and books fell from shelves as a thundering roar vibrated through the walls of the houses in Gibb’s Outer Banks village of Avon. Surprised and concerned, Gibb’s father rushed to the windows on the house’s east side and looked toward the ocean.
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Image of the Day: 3 May 2015

US Marines, Kuwait, 1990

Operation Desert Storm 1990: “The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990 led to the largest movement of Marine forces since World War II. Between August 1990 and January 1991, 24 infantry battalions, 40 squadrons (more than 92,000 Marines) deployed to the Persian Gulf as part of Operation Desert Shield. The air campaign of Operation Desert Storm began Jan. 16, 1991, followed by the main overland attack Feb. 24 when the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions breached the Iraqi defense lines and stormed in.