This Warrior’s Heart

Soldier in Afghanistan

This warrior’s heart deep inside 
Refuses to run, refuses to hide 
This warrior’s heart within my soul 
Takes its stand, it knows its role 
This warrior’s heart I love so dear 
Will not cower and will not fear 
This warrior’s heart inside of me 
Taught me that I never flee 
This warrior’s heart I call my own 
Is in my heart, my soul, my bone 
This warrior’s heart deep inside 
Is who I am, I will not hide

by Aric Beers

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This chart shows just how massive the US Navy is

The US Navy is the unquestioned dominant naval force in the world.

In terms of both absolute tonnage and technical superiority, the US Navy is the world’s largest and most advanced maritime military force. The capabilities of the US Navy are further enhanced and augmented by its military alliances such as NATO, in which the US plays a key role.
The following graphic from Naval Graphics shows every vessel serving in the US Navy as of April: Read more

Image of the Day: 2 May 2015


Navy Chaplain Lt. Commander Tom Webber baptizes Corporal Albert Martinez in a sandbag-lined pool during a ceremony at Camp Inchon, Kuwait March 16, 2003