Soldier in Vietnam

The poetry which follows here was written by combat veterans. It was inspired by the anguish of just living or trying to stay alive in the midst of combat and the pitiful conditions of life in a war torn country that was thousands of miles away from home. Strong bonds of brotherhood were created under these conditions, along with many fears, pains, and visions not witnessed before… nor since.

Don’t read this stuff fast… it needs to be thunk about.

I’ve read through many of the poems here and found one from a combat veteran of Iraq, titled “Baghdad.” It was from 2003. Most of them are from Vietnam veterans.

Vietnam veteran at the memorial wall


I walked into the jungle
and fell down on my knees
with bullets all around me
from somewhere in the trees

I did not choose to be here
my flag had been unfurled
after killing everyone
I`ll fly back to the world.

I`ll catch you in the jailhouse
or maybe on the street
and you may feel a twinge of fear
like others that I meet

I do not mean to scare you
nor do you any harm
that look you see within my eye
is just my own alarm

Be glad is doesn`t own you
and don`t mistake for tears
my vigilance is constant
as the ringing in my ears

– MO – 
101st Airborne 9/1/2014