What the global footprint of US special operations looks like

A U.S. soldier trains a Chadian soldier during Flintlock 2015, an American-led military exercise, in Mao, Chad, February 22, 2015. Picture taken February 22, 2015

US special operations forces are becoming an increasingly important and flexible tool in enacting US foreign policy. 

Over the past year, special operators have engaged in missions in every corner of the planet, according to Michael M. Phillips of the Wall Street Journal report. Read more

Image of the Day: 26 April 2015

Patrol, Vietnam War

I was talking to a Vietnam veteran earlier; he told me that he liked to take point, so no one gets hurt. We were talking about everyday things when he made the point man reference, but I knew it was rooted in experience.

This picture of Soldiers on patrol in Vietnam is in honor of those who took point. And to those that followed.

Thanks, “point man.”  You rock!