Sailor and girlfriend at the Tomb of the Unknown Solder in 1943 (Library of Congress)

Faces & Places of Yesterday Apr 18, 2012

This is an amazing old color photo [found] on the Library of Congress’ website. It was taken by John Collier in May 1943. The unnamed sailor at left appears to be somewhere between 19 to 24 and is visiting Arlington National Cemetery with his girlfriend.

The photo is one of a large collection transferred to the Library of Congress from the Office of War Information in 1944. It’s one of those powerful photos that you can stare at for a long time, and I wonder who these two are. What are their names? What happened to them during and after the way?

The following image is my favorite of the three:

Sailor kneels at the tomb of the unknown solider (Library of Congress)
Sailor proposes to his girlfriend in front of the tomb of the unknown solider. Possibly before leaving for war (Library of Congress)



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