To understand the hostilities between N. and S. Korea today, we need to take a look back, all the way to the 1945, post WWII, the development of and the eventual first major conflict of the Cold war.
This is a great rundown using never seen/rare video from the Battlefields of Korea and the 38th parallel.

The video is public domain (in the US) . please CHECK the copyright laws for your country if outside the US.
FYI: our governments have entered talks about little thing called the Trans Pacific Partnership. (Talks began a few years back) and they could potentially put  major limits on our rights and the copyright laws. Please follow the link for details this highly secretive and controversial deal being played out. And if you’d like to voice your concern and live in the US, you can do that too.
If this goes through it could affect what I’m able to access, research and blog many topics I have here regularly.
Thanks for your time. Enjoy the documentary!


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