U.S. Special forces soldiers with a tiger skin! ~ Vietnam War

Well, lookie here! I was talking to a friend of mine who happens to be a veteran of Vietnam about the “critters” our military comes across on the Battlefields. He mentioned TIGERS and honestly, the obvious fact that tigers live in the jungles of Vietnam and the problems it caused our guys hadn’t crossed my mind. It looks like these warriors scored one for the team. I’ll be doing some research for any first hand account tiger tales (pun intended) to share here. If you’re a Vietnam vet and have a tiger tale you’d like to share (anonymously) send a request via my contact page. Thank you!

Today’s soldiers/veterans can probably tell you a story about a personal experience with a dreaded camel spider!!

Interesting fact:
Giant Camel Spiders have even been found hiding in soldier’s sleeping bags.


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