Peace Treaty Signed? APRIL FOOLS! 1918

British sailors and Marines giving instruction in the use of Madson guns to party of Estonian officers at Custom House, Reval. December 1918.

A prankster started a rumor alleging that a peace treaty ending World War I had been signed. According to the Associated Press: “The report rapidly spread over all Paris and the telephone wires to the American headquarters in the hotel de Crillon became hot with inquiries as to the truth of the rumor. It did not take long however, for inquiries to realize the character of the report when they were reminded that today was April 1st.” The Treaty of Versailles, which marked the formal end of the war, was signed on June 28, 1919. [Daily Northwestern, Apr 1, 1919.]


Image of the Day: 1 April 2015

PT Time!
PT Time!

Sailors during PT on the deck of a destroyer. (I’m assuming its a destroyer because of the “Gun.”