Scars of War

The Cratered Remains of Butte de Vaquois, France

War has a way of leaving it’s eternal mark on anything (anyone) it touches. Not only are the Soldiers of war left with its scars–most that cannot be seen–the landscapes where millions lost their lives are haunting reminders of a time, not long ago, when our world was at war.
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Image of the Day: 30 April 2015


Petty Officer 2nd Class David Hess, corpsman from 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, 4th Division, applies camouflage paint to his face July 29, 2010 at Camp Pendleton, Calif. Hess and Marines from Combined Anti-Armor Team, Company K, acted as a quick reaction force for training missions during the final week of 3rd battalion’s training before deploying to Afghanistan.


gun salute


gun salute–

in every fold of the flag

his sacrifices


How The Last 2 U.S. Service Members Killed On Vietnamese Soil Finally Made It Home

After a year of negotiations, the remains of Cpl. Charles McMahon and Lance Cpl. Darwin Judge, the last two U.S. service members killed in the Vietnam War, were returned to the U.S. via a military terminal at Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport. (Courtesy Dale DeHaan)

Part of a series we’re calling “40 Years Later: A Return To Vietnam,” on the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon and the final evacuation of U.S. troops.

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The Future


This little guy is about 1/3 the size of the Soldier next to him; it’s not going to take long for him to catch up.  🙂

Soldiers In Kuwait Awarded Purple Heart For Chlorine Exposure

Image credit: US Army

Duffel Blog

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of soldiers who were stationed at Camp Arifjan over the last decade are set to receive Purple Hearts due to their exposure to dangerous levels of chlorine at the base swimming pool, Pentagon officials report.
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A rare glance into the heart of a WWI German U-boat

This photograph shows the submarine's four bow torpedo tubes and hydroplane on the port side.

The following images, provided by Tyne & Wear Archives, show the heart of a World War I Germansubmarine that sank in 1918 after it was rammed by a torpedo boat destroyer.

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Image of the Day: 29 April 2015

Credit: US Navy

Sailors and Marines aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) participate in a swim call. Iwo Jima is the flagship for the Amphibious Ready Group and, with the embarked 24th Marine Corps Unit (24th MEU), provides a versatile, sea-based expeditionary force that can be tailored to a variety of missions in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations.

Inspired by War: Vietnam

Soldier in Vietnam

The poetry which follows here was written by combat veterans. It was inspired by the anguish of just living or trying to stay alive in the midst of combat and the pitiful conditions of life in a war torn country that was thousands of miles away from home. Strong bonds of brotherhood were created under these conditions, along with many fears, pains, and visions not witnessed before… nor since.

Don’t read this stuff fast… it needs to be thunk about.
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Modern Sniper: Advanced Sniper

Here’s a documentary about the modern, advanced sniper. Taking it to the next level.

Image of the Day: 28 April 2015

American sniper, Vietnam

An American Sniper taking aim in Vietnam. The art of “sniping”  has come a long way since 1960’s.

‘Just a Leg!’


I don’t care how many skydives you have.
Until you’ve stepped out the door of an airplane
into complete darkness at 1,200′ with 120 lbs
of combat equipment and 68 lbs of parachute,





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Fall of Saigon memories, 40 years later


UT San Diego

San Diego — Forty years after the fall of Saigon, gray-haired men — some walking with canes, many relying on hearing aids — came on Saturday to see the names of old friends who never came home from a very unpopular war. Read more

Modern Sniper: Army

Technology has brought the role of the sniper to the forefront of each branch of the military. See how fighting an unconventional enemy in an urban environment has changed the way sniper teams engage them. The old adage “improvise, adapt, and overcome” comes into play for the modern sniper.

Image of the Day: 27 April 2015

Getty Images

22nd April 1944: An airman shares a joke with his girlfriend as they dance.
Original  Wartime Dance Hall – pub. 1944 (Photo by Leonard McCombe/Picture Post/Getty Images)

Credit: Leonard McCombe  stringer