I Am Soldier

I’m headed to Iraq
I guess I will see you when I get back
I already miss you
I just wish I could kiss you
I will be back before you know it
I hope you know I love you even though I don’t show it
Now I am just a soldier fighting for what I think is right

Just waiting to see who the next bullet is going to bite
I try not to think of the worse
Like if I had to leave this universe
Sorry this isn’t what I had planned
Having to stay over here in the sand
It’s hard to go to sleep and it’s hard to stay awake just wondering what will happen at day break
There are only two kind of people the quick and the dead
That is all I can think about as I lie here in my bed
But I have to serve my country
Even though I will miss our anniversary
I’ve got to go now it’s my time to leave
Because all I can care about is this patch on my sleeve
Honey I will write you as much as I can
And yes I guess you can say your my number one fan

Well I was getting ready to start my deployment and This one just kind of came to me as I was flying on the airplane from America to Iraq.
© Justin Eugene Shelton
more by Justin Eugene Shelton
February 2011

Source: Family Poems

I know this poem reads as one Soldiers point of view, but I’m sure each one of them had similar thoughs and prayers; the image depicts a number of them for that reason.