War has played a critical role in our nation’s history, but over the years the way we authorize war has significantly changed. If you’ve ever been confused about who actually has the power to declare war — the last time that happened was World War II — or what the difference is between a declaration of war and an authorized use of military force, this graph may shed a little light.

The infographic below was created by New England College’s online Master of Arts in Public Policy Program, and illustrates how the ability to send the nation to war has drifted away from Congress and into the hands of the Office of the President.

A list of the military actions and authorizations of force under presidents George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

Photo courtesy of New England College

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Source: Task and Purpose


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  1. Unfortunately the reason we go to war is sometimes based on economics. I remember a lot of warehouses in Brooklyn, which were use to store war supplies. But in truth they were looted by mobsters and then resold. A real con job. Our guys were out there getting whacked and they were making profits on the back end.

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