American Soldier, Korean War

In Korea, it’s known as the “6-2-5 (yug ee oh) War,” a reference to June 25, 1950, when the North Korean People’s Army invaded the South. Among North Koreans, it’s “the Fatherland Liberation War.” In America, however, the Korean War is often called “The Forgotten War”  a jarringly dismissive, imperfectly accurate phrase to describe a conflict that killed millions of combatants and civilians on both sides, including close to 40,000 Americans.

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3 thoughts on “Image of the Day: 16 March 2015

  1. My grandfather was one of the Marines at Chosin, Korea 1950. He was awarded the Purple Heart; he also came home. He did not speak of Korea. Ever. I know he lost many men there.


  2. It reminds me of the Spanish American War, but the casualties were much larger. Please note that many died not of battle but the conditions and the diseases of war. The Mash units were amazing, they saved so many.

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