I have stood alongside runways as B-1s blasted off for training missions and one [word] can describe it: Loud! Four General Electric F101s in full blower pushing a big gas and bomb container along the runway is pretty outrageous, but that same thing at night is downright otherworldly.
During Red Flag training events at Nellis AFB, you will see more people parked along Nellis Air Force Base’s perimeter after hours when the B-1s are in town for the exercise than when they are not. The big swing-wing jet’s quartet of fire breathing engines is the draw. I have heard multiple people metaphorically refer to the experience as watching a real-life Millennium Falcon blast out into space and I have to say they are not embellishing much. If you are in a group, usually the response you hear right after the “B-1 earthquake” has dissipated is laughter, along with car alarms going off for miles.

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