I thought I’d share some pictures of the different “battlefield meals” US Soldiers ate during the wars. I haven’t found any  images (paintings)  from the Revolutionary war but if memory serves me right, I read they would actually have to hunt for their food at times.  During the Civil War, it wasn’t an uncommon site to see women (wives and children of Soldiers) at the camps. They were responsible for, well the “household” duties for the camp.

A family at a Civil War army camp. Photo Credit: Library of Congress LC-B811- 2405


An example of the rations given to the Soldiers of the Civil War
Hot dinner rations in the Ancre area, October 1916.
K rations WWII
Members of the 1st Cav Div eating C rations. United States Army – “Korean War”
A C-Ration (Vietnam) Sundries packet furnished all the comforts of home – Smokes, moisture proof matches, salt, Sugar, Toilet Paper, Chiclets, Instant Coffee
Sailors share C-rations, Vietnam War
Our post war photo shows a varied selection of meals that were provided to us. Each box came with a brown colored accessory pack.
MRE Afghanistan
Georgian Liaison Team 8 eat lunch while taking a break from daily operations on Combat Outpost Eredvi, Helmand province, Afghanistan, May 8, 2013.