Pfc. Preston Young immediately alerts the command post of a blast that hit his patrol as they walked down a dirt road that connects farmland in a rural area. Two soldiers from the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division were thrown to the ground in the incident, but they were not seriously injured. June 5, 2010 in Afghanistan's Kandahar province.


Poppy. Cannabis. IEDs. This is Kandahar. ~#sixwordwar

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Army-Navy Game Prepares Cadets For Same Results In War

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BALTIMORE, Md. — The Army-Navy Game has provided critical insight into the effort it takes to fight futilely for an unattainable victory to future Army second lieutenants for more than a decade, and that’s all a part of the plan, Duffel Blog has learned. Read more

Season of Serving: Day 5


On the 5th day of Serving, the #Marine Corps gave to me….5 MARK 19’s.

And if you are singing along:
4 Tough DI’s
2 Turbo Props
And A Free and Enduring Country.

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Army vs Navy: Game Day 13 December 2014


1926 army vs navy football game at yankee stadium. (above)

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Imagine of the Day: 13 December 2014


Combat isn’t where you might die — though that does happen — it’s where you find out whether you get to keep on living. Don’t underestimate the power of that revelation. Don’t underestimate the things young men will wager in order to play that game one more time.”

— Sebastian Junger

Image: Operation Warrior Support