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Reagan gives CIA authority to establish the Contras: 1981

On this day, President Ronald Reagan signs off on a top secret document, National Security Decision Directive 17 NSDD-17, which gives the Central Intelligence Agency the power to recruit and support a 500-man force of Nicaraguan rebels to conduct covert actions against the leftist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. A budget of $19 million was established for that purpose. NSDD-17 marked the beginning of official U.S. support for the so-called Contras in their struggle against the Sandinistas. Read more

This Land is Your Land

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California
New York today, The Freedom Tower can be seen on the left. never forget

 An American owned company has recently used this song in their ad campaign and it got me thinking about how long its been since I’d heard it last. I thought it might bring back memories for you so I’m posting the lyrics, its origin, and of course images of our beautiful country. Enjoy!

Woody Guthrie wrote the song in 1940 and recorded it in 1944. The song was not published until 1945, when it was included in a mimeographed booklet of ten songs with typed lyrics and hand drawings. The booklet was sold for twenty-five cents, and was copyrighted in 1951.


This land is your land, this land is my land
From California, to the New York Island
From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters
This land was made for you and me Read more

Image of the Day: 23 November 2014

US Soldiers keeping watch. Afghanistan

They all go marching, 12 x 12...
We sleep soundly knowing our families are safe because of the men and women who stand guard in the night.
Never forget. 🌼