A Grateful Liberation

A grateful woman kisses a US Soldier on the cheek.

The Liberation of Rome (June 4, 1944)

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Camel Spider & Soldier

Never, ever fall asleep on guard.-@Troopsincontact 


Here’s The Army’s Plan For Adapting To Future Threats

The US Army is seeking to reinvent itself in the face of a host of unprecedented challenges. Between tightening budgets, a shrinking military force, and a world of smaller and asymmetrical threats, the Army has released a new global strategy.

The new strategy, encapsulated in the US Army Operating Concept manual “Win in a Complex World,” describes how the Army of the future will shape the world’s security situation through conflict prevention and the ability to conduct expeditionary maneuvers and combined arms operations. Read more

Don’t call me ‘POG’: The push to end the Corps’ most damaging divide

Gunnery Sgt. Hector Vicente has 20 years of Marine Corps experiences under his belt, but what he heard one morning from his junior Marines made him wonder how well he knew the Corps.

While at the barracks aboard Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, one weekend, a group of his junior Marines from the entry-level school for personnel administration stopped by on their way to the beach. Read more

Image of the Day: 20 November 2014


Old Glory…

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