Total area of land used as military bases in the US


US military has an enormous number of bases dispersed throughout the world and the 50 states.
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Veterans Day: A short poem for a great group

This is a great perspective and tribute to our veterans on their day. Enjoy! 🙂


Sometimes the dead and gone speak volumes to the living through the days that we honor the dead.

The wars they went through and the horrors they saw cause a muteness as if the stillness conveys what could be said.

It does not matter what war is the cause of the demise,

The root of war is complex and the results are what we despise.

Even today as civilized as we believe we are, the death from wars goes on,

The deaths are not glorified, they are the horrors of man on steroids, weapons by the ton.

We have increased our technology to kill not one or two at a time, but multitudes of hundreds,

Cities bombed and burned to the ground, from bombs that plundered and thundered.

If only peace could reign, that is what the world silently screams,

But alas, it is not to be, to many thoughts…

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Warriors of WWI


American Soldier, aka Doughboy


American Sailor, 1918 WWI


US Marines, WWI trenches
These men and their selfless actions and sacrifices paved the way to the Veterans Day traditions we freely practice today. 
Always Remember…

⚓The History of Veterans Day ⚓

World War I – known at the time as “The Great War” – officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, in the Palace of Versailles outside the town of Versailles, France.
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Happy Veteran’s Day



The only thing harder than being a Soldier…


Remember the sacrifices made on our behalf. 

A Veterans Day Tribute to the US Military

A Veterans Day Tribute to the US Military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard