Standing Room Only

Crowded ship bringing American troops back to New York harbor after V-Day, 1945

Crowded ship bringing American troops back to New York Harbor, 1945

This is troop ship Queen Elizabeth. The Queen Elizabeth together with the Queen Mary were used as troop ships in the Second World War. Their great carrying capacity and speeds of over 28 knots were a huge asset to the Allies. The Queen Elizabeth, (carrying capacity over 15,000 troops and over 900 crew), was to carry 750,000 troops in total and she to travel over 500,000 miles. Read more

‘I Killed Osama Bin Laden’: A 5.56mm Bullet Tells His Story



WASHINGTON D.C. —  Just days after former Navy SEAL Team 6 member Rob O’Neill kicked off an ugly row by saying that he killed Osama bin Laden, a single 5.56mm bullet has stepped forward to claim responsibility. Read more

The Berlin Wall’s great human experiment

A boy waved to soldiers on the Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate on Nov. 10, 1989, the day after the wall fell. JOHN TLUMACKI/GLOBE STAFF/FILE

The Boston Globe


TWENTY-FIVE YEARS ago this fall, a crowd of thousands gathered along the east side of the Berlin Wall and demanded, with the urgency of people who had spent decades under an authoritarian communist regime, that the border guards let them pass to the other side. That night, the gates swung open and the sledgehammers came out. Soon, the wall was all but destroyed, and the two countries it had kept apart for almost 30 years were finally joined back together. Read more

Image of the Day: 8 November 2014

Ronald Reagan, Berlin Wall 1989
Ronald Reagan, Berlin Wall 1989

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!