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This was in my inbox last night…

Yesterday, [Tuesday] millions of Americans cast their ballots. Republicans had a good night, and I congratulate all the candidates who won.

But what stands out to me is that the message Americans sent yesterday is one you’ve sent for several elections in a row now. You expect the people you elect to work as hard as you do. You expect us to focus on your ambitions — not ours — and you want us to get the job done. Period.

I plan on spending every moment of the next two years rolling up my sleeves and working as hard as I can for the American people. This country has made real and undeniable progress in the six years since the 2008 economic crisis. But our work will not be done until every single American feels the gains of a growing economy where it matters most: in your own lives.

While I’m sure we’ll continue to disagree on some issues that we’re passionate about, I’m eager to work with Congress over the next two years to get the job done. The challenges that lay ahead of us are far too important to allow partisanship or ideology to prevent our progress as a nation.

As we make progress, I’ll need your help, too. Over the weeks and months ahead, I’ll be looking to Americans like you, asking you to stay engaged.

I am optimistic about our future. Because for all the maps plastered across our screens today, for all the cynics who say otherwise, we are more than a simple collection of red and blue states. We are the United States.

And yesterday, millions of Americans — Democrats and Republicans, women and men, young and old, black and white — took the time out of their day to perform a simple, profound act of citizenship. That’s something we shouldn’t forget amid the din of political commentary. Because making progress starts with showing up.

Let’s get to work.

President Barack Obama

3 thoughts on “Here’s what’s next: POTUS plan for the future

  1. Haha, I’m sure it’s more than half a cent.
    I do however, hope your prediction is wrong, but as recent history has shown, you may just be right. Ugh…


  2. I have been around since the dawn of time and I was hoping to see a great sun set. But we are still in the dawn. This is the same speech given at a different time. Unfortunately I see a stagnated Congress unwilling to change for the next election is two years away and a few wins by the President will aid probably Clinton and the Republicans will not grant them to the Democrats. I see two more years of little being done. Just my two cents which has been devalued to a half penny.

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