A Brief Escape


Here’s a moment we’re all familiar with.

In spite of his surroundings and the fact he’s fighting a war he’s still able to recognize and embrace the good. I’m sure he thought of home…

A U.S. Army soldier From the 2/327th No Slack Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, relieved after a fire fight with the Taliban opens his mouth up towards the sky to taste the snow as it falls in the valley of Barawala Kalet, Kunar province, Afghanistan March 29, 2011. Joint Combat Camera Afghanistan Photo by Pfc. Cameron Boyd.

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da Vinci’s Tank & Other War Machines

The precursor to the modern tank, Leonardo da Vinci’s armored car invention was capable of moving in any direction and was equipped with a large number of weapons. The most famous of da Vinci’s war machines, the armored car was designed to intimidate and scatter an opposing army. Read more

Voting in America, 1920

The presidential election of 1920 was the first time millions of American women had the opportunity to vote.

Title: Minneapolis women voting for the first time in a downtown Minneapolis precinct. Date: ca. 1920.

In November 1920, Richmond women line up to vote for the first time. The national effort to gain suffrage lasted 72 years. Photo courtesy Valentine History.

Election Day! VOTE!

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