The Natives and the English – Crash Course US History #3

 John Green teaches you about relations between the early English colonists and the native people the encountered in the New World. In short, these relations were poor. As soon as they arrived, the English were in conflict with the native people. At Jamestown, Captain John Smith briefly managed to get the colony on pretty solid footing with the local tribes, but it didn’t last, and a long series of wars with the natives ensued. This pattern would continue in US history, with settlers pushing into native lands and pushing the inhabitants further west. In this episode, you’ll learn about Wahunsunacawh (who the English called Powhatan), his daughter Pocahontas, King Philip’s (aka Metacom) War, and the Mystic Massacre. By and large, the history of the Natives and the English was not a happy one, even Thanksgiving wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Point/Counterpoint: Workout Routines And Supplements



The following is a point/counterpoint debate between your assistant operations officer and your salty old operations chief about physical training methods and supplementation.

Assistant Operations Officer S-3A: “I always add an exact 134-millijoule dose of soy-protein into my wheat-sorghum pre-workout shake. It’s all about discipline and motivation. Like, today is arms and back day, right? I’m gonna sling some weight during lunch and hit up my lats, traps, bis and tris. I’m going to totally OWN that s***, son!” Read more

Image of the Day: 19 October 2014



Bill “the Kid” Dalgleish, Helicopter Pilot, Vietnam War


Image found on  (Vietnam helicopter pilot association)