The oldest known photograph of the Alamo in 1849 in San Antonio, Texas. The daguerreotype photograph was taken 13 years after the battle. This photo is located at the University of Austin at the Center of American History.

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If only they were compensated appropriately, according to their contribution…

Image of the Day: 7 October 2014



An MH-60S at sunset. by Official U.S. Navy Imagery

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Why Congress Will Not Declare War on ISIS

Very interesting. This breaks the constitutional laws of war down for us.

Benjamin Studebaker

In recent days, a lot of commentators have been deeply upset by the fact that Barack Obama has been ordering military strikes against ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) without congressional authorization, and that congress has not held a vote on the issue. Indeed, even house speaker John Boehner does not think the administration legally requires further authorization. The US constitution says that:

The Congress shall have Power To… declare War

So what’s going on here?

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Missed Connections: Sniper Wants To Connect, And More



[Ed. Note: Duffel Blog has gathered some of the military-themed “missed connections” from and other sources.]

You: A Talib in brown tribal garb, and what I took to be your teenage daughter. You were beating her with a rock, no doubt for having her period, or some other, equally heinous, crime.

Me: A Marine in a ghillie suit, with an M40A2 and a bad case of dehydration. It’s the only time I’ve missed. Read more

U.S.-led attack on Afghanistan begins: 2001

Thirteen years. None the wiser…


On this day in 2001, a U.S.-led coalition begins attacks on Taliban-controlled Afghanistan with an intense bombing campaign by American and British forces. Logistical support was provided by other nations including France, Germany, Australia and Canada and, later, troops were provided by the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance rebels. The invasion of Afghanistan was the opening salvo in the United States “war on terrorism” and a response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. Read more