Just because you leave the military, doesn’t mean every bit of the military has left you. Whether it’s saluting Old Glory or finding you can’t quite shake the 24 hour clock, there are some aspects of life in the military that simply become a permanent part of you.

Sgt. Joshua Cunha, newly inducted noncommissioned officer, Company B, 204th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, salutes the flag during the 204th BSB’s NCO Induction Ceremony at the post theater, Jan. 23, 2014. (U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Marcus Fichtl, 2nd ABCT, PAO, 4th Inf. Div.)We asked our Military1 community on Facebook, “What habits have followed you from military to civilian life?” Take a look at our favorite responses to the post, and add more in the comments section below!

1. My passion for my country and the Constitution. – Kenneth Zech

2. I arrive at least 15 minutes early. I always sit in a corner so that no one can come up behind me. I know all my exits. Always know my surroundings. Thursday is field day. Still use a 24 hour clock.  – Ben Mann

3. I still wear a high & tight haircut, check my gig line, tuck laces into shoes & boots before lining up under bed, always check my 6 & find exits whenever I go into a place. – Joseph Chubb

4. Always on time, constantly aware of my surroundings, sit with my back to a wall. I hate crowded areas – Kenna Peterson

5. I still catch myself standing at parade rest when waiting in lines ,and everyone is sir or ma’am and I’m always early for everything! – Clifford Kelley

6. I iron the hell out my clothes. My wife can’t even compete. – Christopher Crowell

7. I still find myself walking in step with other people and going through cadences in my head – Jimmy Adkins

8. 10 years after my discharge I was working as a civilian on a project at the Naval Air Rework Facility Norfolk, had something heavy on my mind walked past two officers coming out of a hangar doorway, without even thinking I automatically popped a salute, they broke out laughing then asked how long I had been in. Somethings are just drilled into ya. – Gary Roseman

9. The use of military slang and acronyms to describe things. I get some strange looks! – Steve Myers

10. 24 hour clock, back to the wall, still fork and swallow, firm handshakes, and absolutely OCD with things!  And still make sure the gig line is straight – Michelle Glass 

via: military1.com