English: Captain Wright at Gallipoli.
English: Captain Wright at Gallipoli. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

May 9th 1915 in the Trenches On Active Service no stamp available

My dear Mother,

Just a few lines to say I am getting on alright, we are giving the enemy a very hot time. We are getting looked after as well as we can expect. The enemy thought at first we were easy to stop but they soon changed their tune and found that the Australians were hot stuff. I will write as much as possible, remember me to all. Your loving son, Harry.

In the firing line, May 23rd 1915

My dear Mother,

 Just a line to say I am getting on alright. We are having lovely weather and getting looked after as well as can be expected. I received sixteen letters on 20th May they were six weeks letters. I had two from you dated 16th & 28th March and was pleased all are well. One from Charlie, Florrie, Bert, Gordon and two from Fred. I was pleased to hear that Bert & Fred had joined and know that you my dear Mother will be proud now that you have three sons fighting. I will now close hoping all are well as it leaves me at present. Remember me to all with love your loving son, Henry. PS can only write to you tell the others to write as often as you we cannot get writing material.

Charlie, Bert, Gordon and Fred were Henry’s brothers, and Florrie an older sister.

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