Little Pink Houses


I’ve mentioned my grandfather a few times here and thought I’d share a picture of him and my grandma. I believe he had already retired fron the USMC.
My grandma lost her first husband (my father’s dad) When he was  just 13; she had to take a civilian job at Camp Pendleton as the Brig. Generals secretary; thats
where she met “Bill the Marine.” 🙂 It was a match made in heaven. He bought her a brand new house for a wedding gift. (It wasn’t the pink one here,  I think this was her sisters house).

Anyway,  this is  my grandfather, the Marine everyone’s heard me talk about. I sure do miss these crazy kids!

Semper Fi.

I’ll love you always 

Love of Country

America the Beautiful

On this day, Independence Day, the most patriotic day each year in America, the Boston Red Sox did something that is getting shockingly little recognition.  The Red Sox have dedicated a seat to all POW/MIA leaving an open seat in their honor and a plaque stating, amongst other things, “you are not forgotten”.

Granted, they are not the first team to do this. The New England Patriots unveiled a POW/MIA seat last year, and I have found some minor league teams that have as well.  Whenever something is done for our troops I like to tip my cap to them as my dad was a Marine, brother-in-law serves in the Army, and have several military ties through my family’s history as well as my fiance’s family history.  That being said, the one group of individuals serving our country that seem to be overlooked are those that are currently prisoners of war or missing in action.

Their families do not have any closure or even knowledge of the well being of their loved ones.  So with the Red Sox unveiling the plaque and seat, I find it to be a great gesture to those families of soldiers that are POW/MIA.

I cannot say it any better than the plaque itself, so I will go ahead and quote it:

You are not forgotten

Since World War I, more than 92,000 American soldiers are unaccounted for.

This unoccupied seat is in dedication to the memory of those brave men and women and to the sacrifices each made in serving this country

God bless you. God Bless America

Well done Red Sox, well done.

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B&R Radio’s The Last Stand with special guest Loren Schofield

Here’s a great post from a fellow blogger. It has great ways to help our vets when they return home.

Somewhere in Texas

The show is available in archives now. Please give it a listen. Loren gave some good information about how we can assist veterans returning home from combat. He talked about how society wants to pidgeon hole all returning vets as victims of PTS(D). He spoke from the heart and gave us some good stories. He was awesome as a guest.

He writes at and has some great articles there. Go read them also.

B&R Radio’s The Last Stand with special guest Loren Schofield 07/13 by HOV Radio | Politics Conservative Podcasts.

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