Animated_Happy_4th_of_July_Text_Firework-001Well, America’s 238th birthday is right around the corner and to honor our Nations Day of Independence, I’ve collected some desktop wallpaper, posters, and clip art to help us celebrate. I’ve posted the wallpapers in  gallery form; click on any image to view and download them in full resolution. If you like the clip art or posters I’ve thrown in, click to view in full res., right-click and save!

I hope everyone enjoys their #4thofJuly. Remember: Be SAFE, be happy!  ~AnnaAnimated_American_Patriotic_Rocket_Firework_Rider-1







2 thoughts on “FREE 4th of July wallpapers, posters, graphics

  1. 🙂 Images are my weakness! (if you haven’t noticed),
    I like sharing them just as much so I look for ways to post as many images as I can. haha
    Thank you, I’m glad you like them.


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