We’ve all heard the saying, “never look back.” Well, I came across this quote some time ago and think it’s more appropriate, at least for me.

Looking back on the past year I can say I’ve come a long way. I’ve learned things (mainly about myself) that I will carry proudly the rest of my life. Many of these new discoveries come by way of the people who I’ve met over the past year. They taught me about honor, duty, and sacrifice and that just like them, I have those qualities too and I should see and validate them in myself.

I have a duty not only to my country but more importantly,  my fellow-man. I’ve always put others before myself (not to the point of neglect) and I’ve’ve learned that helping someone can come in the smallest forms that at the time, may not seem anything at all but learn that the smile or joke you shared with a friend or the hours you stayed on the phone (or online) 🙂 with someone who needed you just to be there. Don’t underestimate to power of an open ear or an open shoulder to cry on.

In 2014 I think my mantra will be, “Kindness is Free.” I feel it’s important that we as a GLOBAL society must be kinder to one another–show empathy and forgiveness–and don’t underestimate the importance of compassion. With that, this year I will practice random acts of kindness every chance I get, defend what I KNOW is right, and live my life happily; I’ll  lead by example.

I want to extend my best to all of you and your families for the next year. May it bring happiness and good health. Thank you for the support, I honestly couldn’t do it without you. I look forward to another year here with you and can’t wait to see what discoveries will be made! I’m rather excited to be honest.

Be safe, be happy. ~Anna  🙂